#23: Ed Fry, Growth at Paddle, on the future of data & personalized experiences

December 3, 2019
#23: Ed Fry, Growth at Paddle, on the future of data & personalized experiences 1

For the past 6 years, Ed Fry has been working in B2B companies such as Hubspot,, and Shortly after our interview, Ed started working as a

SaaS growth consultant and now works as Head of Growth at Paddle, a UK-based SaaS for subscription and E-commerce.Our conversation with Ed covers the role of data in 2019. While data is becoming ever more available, the sheer volume of data at your disposal can also be frustrating. Where do you start? What do you do with all this data? How does data impact important growth metrics?In January 2016, Ed went on a journey to really get into data and data strategy to create more personalized experiences for customers. In this episode, Dave talks with Ed about how to use data to scale your startup, how to use data to personalize experiences for users, and what some B2B startups are doing wrong with data.Listen in and get some free growth consulting from Ed! In this episode you’ll learn:0:00 Introduction3:57 Ed’s 2016 deep dive into data11:56 Where most B2B startups are getting it wrong or getting stuck when it comes to data14:06 Ed describes his time at Hull.io24:07 Listens to Ed’s advice on the practice of using personalized data to scale your startup26:14 If every piece of data was available — what would we do?31:28 The Salty SixThis is an actionable episode — we hope you enjoy! Get ready to #ScaleOrDie…We’re excited to have you along for Season 1 of #ScaleOrDie. Before you leave, be sure to leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review, post a comment, or share with your friends! Tune into more episodes at and read more stories at Follow Dave & Proof on Twitter — @DaveRogemoser and @UseProof. We publish episodes every week so be sure to check back often for more interviews with the internet’s best minds in growth!