#16: Peep Laja, Founder @ CXL, on a decade long career pioneering CRO

September 3, 2019
#16: Peep Laja, Founder @ CXL, on a decade long career pioneering CRO 1

Ever been overwhelmed while trying to figure out exactly what to test on your site? You’re not alone. Every time you go online to Google “conversion optimization,” you’ll see thousands of sites touting proven strategies that you need to try on your own site. Where do you start? Peep Laja has built CXL by helping provide strategies for companies of all sizes to implement CRO. While conversion optimization might not be as sexy as traffic or funnels — it’s value can’t be diminished.Peep started diving into conversion in 2007 when not a ton of other people were doing it, and he currently sits at the cutting edge of CRO strategies Join us as we

learn from Peep’s decade long career pioneering CRO. Show Notes: 1:08 The backstory on how Peep got started in Conversion Optimization 2:53 Common mistakes companies make with CRO 6:03 “99 proven strategies for conversion” — which one works for you? 9:54 The best practices for quality assurance when you’re A/B Testing 17:26 Insights about user testing 37:25 The Salty Six This is an actionable episode — we hope you enjoy! Get ready to #ScaleOrDie… We’re excited to have you along for Season 1 of #ScaleOrDie. Before you leave, be sure to leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review, post a comment, or share with your friends! Tune into more episodes at and read more stories at Follow Dave & Proof on Twitter — @DaveRogemoser and @UseProof. We publish episodes every week so be sure to check back often for more interviews with the internet’s best minds in growth!