#274: 3 The Pre-Launch Facebook Ad Strategy, with Rick Mulready

December 26, 2019
#274: 3 The Pre-Launch Facebook Ad Strategy, with Rick Mulready 1

In this week’s podcast episode we’re digging into 3 powerful (and surprisingly simple) FB ad strategies designed to fuel your pre-launch fire.

The pre-launch phase is that crucial 60-90 day period leading UP to your launch that can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing your reach and revenue. If you play your cards right, you’ll find out that launching doesn’t have to be hard, stressful, or time-consuming. I’m joined by the Regis to my Kathy Lee —

my dear friend and our resident FB and IG ads expert, the one and only Rick Mulready.

Rick’s been on the podcast before, but today he’s sharing his favorite paid traffic pre-launch tips, including:

How to use FB ads even when you’re on a tight budget and why you SHOULDN’T hire out your ads right away. The power of crafting content around objections and how to do it. The strategy that ensures by the time you open the doors to your webinar, your people are READY to learn from you and hear your offer.

And so much more. Make sure you have your notebook ready!