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Discussing Google’s November Algorithm 2

Discussing Google’s November Algorithm

Google’s Nov 2019 Local Search Update is official and the source of much discussion in the industry. Ross and Scott Van Achte discuss what is known along with other findings from the local search forum. They also discuss a Mueller file, an...

Bedlam Continues in Local SEO Results 4

Bedlam Continues in Local SEO Results

Ross and guest co-host Scott Van Achte discuss the latest global search market share statistics, Christmas ads, when to act on bad links, Google Maps user profile SPAM reporting, and a lot about the significant havoc within Google’s local SEO...

The entrepreneur behind Google Voice 8

The entrepreneur behind Google Voice

Today’s guest created a company called GrandCentral which sold to Google and became Google Voice. It was his second foray into voice over IP. Before that, he had one of the pioneering companies that he led in voice over IP, called Dialpad. Their...