Marketing insights from the top B2C VC in Israel!

January 5, 2020
Marketing insights from the top B2C VC in Israel! 1

This episode is different. On so many levels. For instance, we usually interview founders/marketers/growth functions within startups. This time, we have Daniel (Danny) Cohen, a general partner at Viola Ventures. Yup, we’re going to the investor’s side. It’s also not an ordinary episode because Danny Cohen is all but the ordinary investor type that comes to mind when you think “investors” Being one of the outstanding B2C investors in Israel, his investment interests include Consumer Internet, e-Commerce and Digital Media. He serves on the board of Lucky Fish, Playbuzz, Puls, Splacer, Maapilim, Deep, Lightricks, and Origami Logic. He was also on the board of Tapingo (acquired by Grubhub for $150M). Recently, Lightirkcs, one of the companies he’s been working with since their round A 5 years ago has reached a $1B valuation and it’s only climbing. In this episode, Danny, the Pearl Jam fan and investor talks all about what type of things he is looking for when investing in companies, the big difference between B2B and B2C investments and why a company with a marketer with a product background might score more points than a classically trained marketer. If you’re a b2c company looking to get investments – listen closely