E304: Losing the Fire with Jake Starr

March 2, 2020
E304: Losing the Fire with Jake Starr 1

This year is speeding by as we’re already in March! Hello from Irvine, California and Happy March everybody!

A few episodes ago, I put out an episode saying that I was interested in buying a business, and one of the interested sellers is today’s lucky guest. Our guest is Jake Starr, the owner of Recycled Firefighter — a brand that makes everyday carry items out of recycled firefighter gear, taken across America.

We talk about several things; how the business was born out of a need to support his family, and how that business quickly took a life of its own. As crazy as it sounds, he’s looking to sell his business or looking into getting a partner and we get into the reasons why he feels like it’s time to either loosen his grip, or let go.