How the Best Brands Guarantee Longevity by Creating a Ripple of Impact

February 18, 2020
How the Best Brands Guarantee Longevity by Creating a Ripple of Impact 1

With CatalystCreativ CEO Amanda Slavin

here’s no getting around it,

success in CPG requires this one thing: Repeat purchase.

But how do you get someone not just to try your product, but to come back to you again and again? How do you build a brand that connects on a deep level, and is built for the long term?

This week on Brand Builder we learn the key just might be in creating a “ripple of impact.” This week’s featured interview is with Amanda Slavin, a Marketing Strategist & Brand Engagement Expert expert, bestselling author, and the CEO and co-founder of CatalystCreativ. Amanda has worked with marquee brands like Coca Cola, Google, WeWork, NPR, The Nature Conservancy, and the New York City Ballet, helping them understand how and why Millennial and Gen Z consumers gravitate towards one brand over another.

She also understands how brands connect on a Direct to Consumer level – probably because Zappos’ founder Tony Hsieh is one of her mentors.

Speaking of Tony, we also spend some time talking about holacracy, the system of self organization she uses internally at Catalyst, and that she picked up from Zappos. What we found most interesting was that before she was Amanda Slavin, Catalyst CEO, she was Ms. Slavin, a first grade teacher with a Masters in Education from the University of Connecticut. As she tells us in this week’s interview, Amanda is grateful for her experience as an educator, and actually applies the engagement principles she developed in grad school to her client work.

Through education and engagement, Catalyst helps its clients reach Millennials and create a “ripple of impact” – and lasting value for brands