David Darmanin – CEO at Hotjar – The Rocky Road To $10M ARR

December 13, 2017
David Darmanin - CEO at Hotjar - The Rocky Road To $10M ARR 1

For any SaaS company, the journey to $10M in ARR is anything but easy; just ask Hotjar Founder & CEO, David Darmanin.

In this episode, David takes us on an adventure along this rocky road as he shares some of the highs and lows of building Hotjar.

Starting from pre-Hotjar times, David talks about his background growing up in Malta and how he went from studying a Doctorate in Law to becoming a serial MarTech entrepreneur, and he gives us a very open and honest account of what it really takes to build a successful B2B SaaS business, including:

– Why David decided to start Hotjar – How Hotjar generated 60,00 beta signups in 6 months through a gamified referral program – The big challenges in converting these free beta users into paying customers – The difficulties with pricing and how David and the team dealt with a European Tax Law issue just days before Hotjar’s commercial launch – How Hotjar was able to scale up and the key factors that enabled them to reach $10M in ARR – The benefits and challenges of growing a fully remote team including how to build a strong remote company culture and the keys to successful leadership