Yearly Planning: Evaluating SEO Performance to Prepare for 2020

November 7, 2019
Yearly Planning: Evaluating SEO Performance to Prepare for 2020 1

Episode Overview: In order to take a confidently informed step forward with your SEO plans and goals for the next year, it’s important to take a retrospective look back to ensure your plan starts off on the right foot. Join Ben and Jordan as they examine the best method to formulating a SEO strategy for next year, explain the benefits of inter-departmental goal setting and the different ways you can develop new career paths within SEO in 2020.

The best way to begin planning for next year is to evaluate the goals that were accomplished this year including measuring lead generation, examining how much traffic was generated, etc. It’s vital to consult other departments in your business when considering aspirational SEO goals for the coming year as it will be easier to set achievable goals, execute initiatives easier and accomplish cross-departmental goals that will grow your business. Positioning yourself as a go-to role in your organization that provides useful data other teams can utilize will help build a stronger relationship between search and content marketing and demonstrate your role’s value to your company, creating new career pathways and opportunities in the process.