EP229: 3 Facebook Ad Tools Every Marketer Should Master Part 1

November 25, 2019
EP229: 3 Facebook Ad Tools Every Marketer Should Master Part 1 1

If you’re running Facebook ads at any scale—you need to know about these three Tier 11 approved tools that are helping Ralph get conversions on his $1+ million ad spend per week. In this episode, we talk about custom conversions vs. standard events, why (and how) we would use URL based custom conversions if we were just starting our agency today, and when to combine products under one pixel. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:

About Custom Conversions

Specifications for Facebook Pixel Standard Events

About Facebook Pixel Standard and Custom Events

Use Custom Conversions to Optimize for URL Traffic and Custom Events in Facebook Events Manager

Get started with Facebook Attribution

Create Reports in Ads Reporting

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