5 Things About Google PPC Ads You Need to Know Before it’s Too Late w/ Matt Ruedlinger

October 3, 2019
5 Things About Google PPC Ads You Need to Know Before it's Too Late w/ Matt Ruedlinger 1

Matt Ruedlinger has over 25 years’ experience in Marketing and Sales and has helped small-local businesses and brand-name Fortune 500 companies alike become leaders in their industry. He has worked alongside world-renowned author and sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer, and has helped businesses promote their products at high-profile events such as the Sport Emmy Awards. Matt has also been a guest on Jaime Master Eventual Millionaire, and Donald Kellys Sales Evangelist plus many more.. During our interview we discuss: – Matt shares an interesting phenomenon about user acceptance of online paid ads. – We talk about how/why Google paid ads continues to take over more real estate on the search results page. – How SEO on Google is more competitive than ever and the risk of having only an organic SEO strategy is so risky. – Did you know there are over 1 billion blogs and about 7 billion people in the world which means thats 1 blog for every 7 people. – Matt shares how Google ad costs are based upon a live auction model and how that can impact the cost of conversion. – The difference between leads generated from Google versus Facebook and why Google is typically more expensive on the front end but NOT always on the back end. – Matt talks about how to use Facebook and Google ads together to maximize the overall effectiveness of a given campaign. – We talk about how ad retargeting and remarketing work and why it’s such a powerful tactic for staying in front of your target market. – Matt shares his favorite growth tool. – He also shares one of his favorite books he just read. Matt’s websites: Connect with Matt on LinkedIn ———————————– If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE / REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to ensure you never miss an episode. Connect with Dennis Brown LinkedIn Twitter Instagram [Free Giveaways]