Proof that you don’t need a beard to start a beard business

February 25, 2020
Proof that you don’t need a beard to start a beard business 1

Paul Lee’s first ecommerce idea flopped. The plan was to create an elixir to kickstart facial hair growth for dudes with weak beards. Yeah, that didn’t work. Paul was forced to pivot – but he stayed in beards. Instead of selling this magical formula to grow a beard, he took all the knowledge he’d accumulated about the beard world and turned his fire toward beard care products.

His store took off, and before long Paul quit college and was doing ecommerce full time. Actually, it was more than full-time. He never took breaks, he was pulling 10-hour days, he got obsessed, and by the time he sold his beard store on Shopify Exchange for $80,000, he was thoroughly, thoroughly burnt out. Paul joined Start Yours to talk about the crappy college teacher that inspired him to finally drop out, the branding strategy that fueled his success, his approach to product selection, his Facebook ads best practices and, first off, how someone who couldn’t grow a beard to save his life became a beard connoisseur. You can listen to Start Yours wherever you listen to podcasts, or join us at