Ezra Firestone Makes $30 Million a Year. Here’s How He Does It.

February 25, 2020
Ezra Firestone Makes $30 Million a Year. Here's How He Does It. 1

Ezra Firestone has been at the forefront of digital marketing for more than a decade – which is like a century in ecommerce years.

We got Ezra on the line to break down Facebook ads, and this conversation turned into a lot more than that. Ezra digs into his Facebook ads secrets, no doubt, but he also talks about how anyone signing up for entrepreneurship better be ready to sign up for a whole bunch of stress, and better be ready to give up that nice, cozy sense of security that comes with a more conventional job. But fear not! He also talks about how to cope with that stress, and how to beat the ends and build yourself a successful online business. So, come for the tactics, stay for the psychology breakdown. Ezra is the CEO and co-founder of a massive cosmetics line called BOOM by Cindy Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder of Zipify Apps, which makes some awesome apps that you can use on your Shopify store, and he also founded Smart Marketer, which is an industry leader in digital marketer. So that’s the resume, and here are some numbers: He oversees Facebook ad campaigns that spend 5 figures a day, every day, and he expects his various businesses to generate $30 million in revenue this year alone.

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