Building and flipping online empires with Greg Elfrink

December 4, 2019
Building and flipping online empires with Greg Elfrink 1

? This episode was sponsored by AffJet, the affiliate tool that helps you accurately track in real-time earnings from over 100 affiliate networks under one dashboard: If you want to make sure you squeeze out the most of the affiliate programs you promote, AffJet will give you the insights you need. ===== After talking to Servando in the previous episode, the topic of buying and selling websites came up. So the natural next discussion was with Greg from Empire Flippers, right? Greg’s the head of marketing for Empire Flippers, the platform mentioned by Servando. They know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with buying and selling online businesses. We talk to Greg about:- How he got into online marketing after working on an oil rig.- What are the main factors that matter for making your business sellable.- Who are the typical buyers on Empire Flippers.- What advantages a skilled marketer has for selling their business.- How to build to sell at a better multiple. Get in touch with Greg:Empire Flippers valuation tool: profile: personas: personas quiz: ===== ❤️ Check out WHAT THE AFF – The digital marketer’s #1 daily briefing! Join 9,000+ other digital marketing professionals (affiliates, e-com, SEOs, media buyers) who stay ahead of the curve with our 5-minute read. From Monday to Friday. Delivered fresh, straight to your inbox! And it’s FREE! Sign up here: