How to Build Multiple Income Streams at Once | Ep. #1261

January 13, 2020
How to Build Multiple Income Streams at Once | Ep. #1261 1

In episode #1261, we discuss why and how you should go about building different income streams within your business. It’s not about having multiple businesses, but about knowing how to monetize the various aspects within your sphere. Tune in to hear how you can optimize the low hanging fruit in your business! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES:

[00:25] Today’s topic: How to Build Multiple Income Streams At Once.

[00:37] Why you should attempt to build multiple income streams, and examples of what we do.

[01:13] Developing a course that consistently makes you money.

[01:39] Think of creative ways to monetize what you are already doing.

[01:55] Taking one asset and putting multiple income streams around it.

[02:20] Avoid starting too many things and keep streams related to one another.

[02:47] The importance of having laser focus and when to expand.

[03:40] Be careful of shiny object syndrome and jumping from one thing to the next.

[04:30] Looking for low hanging fruit in areas that you have already invested in.

[05:11] Establish your product and audience before trying to generate income from it.

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