7 Ad Opportunities We’re Excited About for 2020 | Ep. #1217

November 30, 2019
7 Ad Opportunities We’re Excited About for 2020 | Ep. #1217 1

In episode #1217, we unpack a list of 7 ad opportunities that we are really excited about for next year. We discuss new things on Google, chatbots, TV spots, LinkedIn and more! Listen in to hear all about it! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES:

[00:25] Today’s topic: 7 Ad Opportunities We’re Excited About for 2020. [00:34] Google’s new search-result forms and their amazing ease of use. [01:12] Re-marketing and long form videos. [01:58] Chatbots and new ground in the field of chat marketing. [03:08] The trend of driving traffic towards content and educational pages. [03:49] TV and streaming platforms; the evolving and unknown avenue of ads. [04:59] Push notifications and the conversion rates through this form of marketing. [05:21] TV spots and the usefulness of getting some of this real estate.

[05:54] The growth of LinkedIn and its organic reach. [07:08] That is it for today! [07:11] To stay updated with events and learn more about our mastermind, go to the

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