Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasts

Laura Kloot • July 1, 2020
Podcasts affiliate programs

In 2019, it was estimated that there were 800,000 active podcasts and 54 million podcast episodes, and with over half of the US population (165 million people) having listened to a podcast, it’s a huge industry that’s waiting to be mined by affiliates. 

For hungry affiliate marketers, the question is not “should I join a podcast affiliate program?” but rather “what are the best affiliate programs for podcasts?”. So we’ve taken a dive and selected 5 affiliate programs for podcasts that affiliates can include in their revenue-generating activities. Let’s start earning from podcasts even today:


The Audible program for affiliates, called the Audible Creator Program, is a great source of revenue while offering your listeners a good deal too. Audible’s offer comprises a 30-day free trial and free e-book for every registration. For each referral, the affiliate earns $15. Payment is instant as soon as the $30 threshold is reached. All it takes is a mention of the 30-day free trial with Audible during your podcast, and asking your listeners to visit the relevant URL, and the money can start to roll in. It doesn’t need to be a hard sell – after all, many podcast listeners would love to receive a free e-book, which is part of Audible’s attractive deal.

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Podbean is a popular podcast hosting and advertising service, and you can earn top commissions from promoting Podbean on your website. Podbean’s Business Plan is ideal for large organizations who run podcasts, and for every referral for a Business Plan signup, you earn one month’s worth of a Business Plan fee, totaling $129. For every referral of advertisers to Podbean’s advertising network, you receive 10% of sales in the first 6 months, plus the advertiser receives up to $100 ad credit to use on Podbean. It’s a win-win for all, plus you as an affiliate get the benefit of Podbean support and free resources, including marketing materials, affiliate dashboard, and more.

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The Podcast Host

Over at The Podcast Host, affiliates can enjoy one-off or recurring commissions on two great offers. The Podcast Host Academy is an online educational content and personal coaching services covering everything to do with effective podcasting. The other affiliate program is for Alitu, which is a podcast maker app. Podcasters upload raw audio and the app turns it into ear-friendly format with automated cleanup of residual noise, music intros and endings, and more. As The Podcast Host is a high-quality service looking for long-term customers, they offer attractive and easy commissions. The Academy affiliates program is a one-time commission basis, with $24.50 earned for every monthly member signup, and $88 for every annual member sign up. For the Alitu program, there is a 20% commission for sign-ups – paid at the end of every month for earnings of the previous 2 months.

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The WordPress plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting, by podcast hosting service Castos is a well-loved and high-quality product, making it that much easier to promote their offer and earn affiliate cash. By promoting Castos on your website, social media pages, or podcast, you will receive a generous 25% of every sale generated from your affiliate link. Castos offers a range of functions and features for podcasters, like monetization, automated podcast transcriptions, and deep-dive podcast analytics. Join their affiliate program and you’ll turn the heads of podcast beginners and veterans alike, which means more commissions for you.

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Smart Podcast Player

The Smart Podcast Player, a web and mobile podcast player by Pat Flynn, the serial entrepreneur at SPI (Smart Passive Income), has an affiliate program that’s one of the highest-paid out there, offering impressive commissions of 50% for every referral. Jump on the bandwagon of a very cool product by a renowned industry guru, and benefit from the long list of top broadcasters using SPP to drive interest and get those referrals coming in. Sign up is easy, and with monthly commission payments, it’s definitely a smart way to earn passive income, just like Pat Flynn says!

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Affiliates looking for a profitable niche can definitely look to the world of podcasting for inspiration and earning potential. With high-quality offerings, a focused niche, and generous commission plans, the best affiliate programs for podcasts can be a goldmine opportunity waiting to be discovered.